Hi guys. I'm about to embark a new journey of learning how to create a android game. So, I don't have to publish it yet. I want to do self-learning. I also want to learn animation along the way. Maybe 2d if 3d is too time-consuming? I've read animation takes a lot of patience and practice which is ok but if you guys think 3d would take too much time, I'd rather try 2d first.

Can anyone recommend a free game development platform for Android that is very good for beginners? Preferably, something I can learn animation with as well or maybe a separate platform I can just plugin later?

I know with C, C++, HTML, Javascript, PHP, a little bit of Python and little Java. I can learn Visual Basic if need be.

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I'm of two minds on this. Let me write your question is "How do I write apps for an Android device?" And then it could be "How do I write gaming Apps for Android?"

My background is pre-Android on the PalmOS and now supporting our own (non-game) apps for our office and clients.

We use Android Studio. The biggest hurdle for new Android developers is learning how things work. This appears harder than learning a language.

So that's my go-to solution to write Android Apps. It's also free.

Next would be the big solutions like Unity. That's not cheap but gets you a cross platform app and then you are ready for the App Stores.

Hi! ...from memory lane I would suggest Unity, GLbasic, possibly LiveCode, and maybe real-time Blender -please check, I don't know the latest dev. Oh, and android studio of course. However, after years of endaviour I realized you really some key people for a succesful game studio company: graphic designer / artist, 1-2 coders, a salesman, a game designer, and possibly a musician. None of these roles can be neglected for a succesful game! PS popular code editors often provide an android-plugin to produce an "apk", for example codeblocks, eclipse, Qt.

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