Hi I am developing an app for a specific facebook page. The problem is that when i load URL in mywebview.loadURL(https://web.facebook.com/CoversShopping/). The page opens successfully but the page always reload when the oreintation changes.

This problem only occurs for the above type Urls(i-e when I give the link of specific facebook page). But if i load URL as www.facebook.com or www.youtube.com or http://www.easyonlineconverter.com/converters/case_conveter.html no any page reload occurs as I have set android:configChanges="orientation|screenSize". Even If I give URL of any website with its specific page ,no page reload occurs when orientation changes.

Page reload only occurs in case of specific page of Facebook. I tried by loading URLs of difference facebook pages , every time facebook page reloads on orienataion changes. How can I prevent facebook page reload when orientation changes?

This will take a lot more code. Here's what you would have to do. Get the page into a local file so the fetch is local rather than from the Internet. This way there is no downside to the rotate. Frankly for the amount of work you have to put into this, you have to ask if it's worth the effort.

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