Hi, I am wonder if Flutter is the right choice for Mobile begginer.
I have a lot of web experience but I would like to create simple mobile app on API that already exist.
I try with Ionic 3 but it was not working corecly with GraphQL API.
Thank you for all help.

Yes it is goood. if you have passion of learning then you can try FLUTTER.... Good Luck

Flutter is the best solution for creating cross platform mobile apps. The SKIA lbrary that powers it set it apart from alternatives like ReactNative(requires a JS bridge and native APIs can't be used directly), Xamarin(latest APIs from Google and Apple are not available), Cordova/ionic (outdated technology) and NativeScript(Typsescript or JS has performance issues).

Flutter relies on Dart language, but you can add your Kotlin or Swift code to the application with ease. It's also interoperable with c/c++ libraries.
In addition, Flutter is a companion of the Fuchsia OS that is being developed by Google.

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