Hey everyone! I would like to create a crossplatform mobile app to showcase our dinner events which we run. I want the app to have a chat, to have the ability to send invites and I would want it to send push-notifications. By the way, I'm planning to outsource, maybe someone among you guys can give a couple of tips on how to choose an outsourcing company?

Well, personally, I’d pay attention to the experience of the company, in your case, their expertise in mobile development, so be sure to have a look at their portfolio. And don’t forget to check the feedback from other customers, ask for references, that’s very important.

Here are a couple of links that will help you to have a better understanding of how to choose a company:


Anninflow, yes, thanks for the information! Maybe you also know some companies that are quite skilled in mobile development?

Hello, thanks for asking this question. Let's try and crack the code to find a nice cross-platform app development company.

Due to the rising trend of mobile app development, the market is studded with companies that create apps. But sadly not all of them can provide you with an application that has the capacity to stand out. So here are the following factors that you need to look in to find a nice company-

  1. Check the total years of experience they have in creating applications.
  2. Look into their portfolio.
  3. Go through the top business listing sites to know more about them.
  4. Research about the applications they create.
  5. Keep a check on their relationship with their clients.
  6. Check if they are bringing value to their audience on social media.
  7. Go through their work culture.

There are steps to follow to identify the best company. I hope it helps.

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