I'm writing a VERY simple clock to run on an old tablet using Android Studio - it displays the current time and day (I'm retired and regularly forget what day it is). I want to add the first calendar event for the current day to the display so it goes something like:

10.30 Discussion Group

Like a lot of functions in Andriod, doing something really simple still means digging into all sorts additional layers of code, plug-ins, permissions and so on and I haven't been able to find a worked example of how I read the calendar (on the tablet or direct from google) and display an event. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


My Google Calendar application is working flawlessly. It syncs the various schedules on my telephone (Outlook and Google Calendar) into the Google Calendar application, and I can see every one of my occasions in a single spot on the telephone application.

It isn't syncing to my google schedule on my PC in my gmail account. I need this to occur so I can utilize calendly to plan up and coming occasions. How would I get the occasions in my application to sync up to my PC gmail account? I have made the accompanying strides as of now:

  1. downloaded Google schedule from playstore, and it is most refreshed form

  2. ensured capacity on my telephone and in google schedule application is alright

  3. ensured that the application says to sync, and re-synced it on various occasions

  4. Logged out and back in to gmail on my PC on various occasions

  5. Watched that the schedule is noticeable in the application.

Once more, every one of the occasions appear in the application. None of the occasions appear in my PC gmail/schedule.

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