I am currently learning Android app development, and using Android Studio 4.1.3. I have noticed that when I run any project, even like a simple "Hello World", the Gradle build takes more than 10 minutes to complete.

I have a laptop which is a Core i5 7th Gen, with 8GB RAM and 500GB HDD, with Win 10 Pro 20H2.

In the tutorial videos I am following, when the tutor runs his projects, it takes on about 5 seconds to build and run, but he mentioned in his intro he is using a Mac, but never mentions about the specific configurations for Gradle etc, and it is an old tutorial which is no longer maintained and cannot contact the tutor.

How can I speed up the Gradle process?


Here's the rig I use. Compiles are well under a minute.
-> Acer Predator with i7, 16GB RAM. SSD drives and some GTX 1060 GPU.

Your machine most likely could be vastly improved by replacing the HDD with a SSD.

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