Hi everyone. I wana ask to the experianced person that is it possible to make the exact replica of a website's android app ? I mean of I have a site related to novel or books can I make its exact android app? Which later can be published to Play Store?

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Since it's a website, why is an app required at all? Just make the website mobile friendly.

Android app for the quick acess of the users to the site. Don't you think it's necessary?

I've seen such before and web access is fast here. But sure there are (claimed) apps that will convert a site but I've seen them fail more often than work. How about 1 conversion that worked and 99 that didn't.

The usual failure is the area where the sale happens.

Yes, I don't remember what it's called, but there is a way to directly convert a website into an app. Ignore me when it comes to this.

However, I think there might also be a way to create an app icon that functions as a URL bookmark, but I'm not sure.

commented: Thanks for this. Yes, there is some app maker that does nothing but launch the browser. You can choose the ICON for the app too. +15
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