It is difficult to predict with certainty which specific types of apps will be in demand in the future, as it depends on a variety of factors. However, considering recent trends, apps for games will continue to dominate and be the most demanded apps in the future followed by education and RPA apps.

Cargen commented: While the average app store developer might make under $10K a year from his or her apps, Joe Kaufman has managed to generate millions of downloads on +0

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It's interesting you mentioned education apps. A coworker wrote some apps long ago and ended up going to court as a professor was including diskettes (it was the fashion of the day) with his apps on them. Back then there wasn't a lot of DRM or even the web.

He lucked into getting the attention of a major group/lawfirm that dealt in software copyright issues and it went to court. Turns out that in our state the software was excluded from such protections when used in an educational setting. He lost the initial case and the appeal.

For me it was a lesson why educational software may never be something you should consider until you understand if you can maintain your rights.

Oh, I wish I could predict what app would be in demand in the future! I would code it so fast your head would spin. Although, I suppose that's the point of this thread. Everyone wants to be the person who invented the next best thing.

I will also like to add apps for developers/designers/product managers. Any app that makes the life of those easier. that include code editors, chat apps, Code Search Tools, Code Deployment Tools, Project Management tools and so on...

take for example ngrok - a tool that can expose local servers behind firewalls and NATs to the public internet via secure tunnels. It lets you run multiple personal cloud services directly from the comfort of your home. In addition, you can demo sites without deploying them they recently raised $50M

Or masterschool - you learn from the experts exactly what the industry needs, they actively work to help you find a job, and you pay no tuition until you are hired. They raised $100M few months ago

Mobile app development would be one of the best skills for the coming time because 86.29% of people are using mobile phones in all over the world and as time goes on mostly people are moving to online businesses and consumers also prefer to buy everything online to save their time. So, I think E-commerce mobile applications will be more demandable in the future. This could be also a reason for planning and changing the working strategies of any responsive web design company to work on mobile app development as well as web development. There is lots of app development websites which are very helpful for app developer like Stake overflow.

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