Another look at BCX basic. Here we use COM support to manipulate Excel. In other words, from within the basic code we are entering a few numbers into the Excel spreadsheet and add them up. Of course you can do much more powerful stuff. With COM support you can also access Word and the Internet Explorer from your basic program.

' do some basic data manipulations with EXCEL using COM
' (you have to have the EXCEL program installed on your computer)
' needs BCX basic ver 5.05.05 or later, download package from:
' COM credit goes to: Ljubisa Knezevic


dim app as Object
set app = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

app.visible = true
app.ActiveSheet.Cells(1,1).Value = "BCX does Excel ..."
app.ActiveSheet.Cells(3,1).Value = 12.3
app.ActiveSheet.Cells(4,1).Value = 7.4
app.ActiveSheet.Cells(5,1).Value = "-----------"
app.ActiveSheet.Cells(6,1).Value = "=sum(a3:a4)"  ' sum it up

msgbox "Press OK to close Excel"
' close down Excel
app.activeworkbook.saved = true  ' fake it
set app = Nothing
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