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If we would have had any suggestions at any point in time, we would have surely ran out of them by now, giving them to the 1385468413696434 final year students before you asking the same question...

What I'm saying is... We can't decide that for you, once you have chosen a certain topic, we can help you with that. The choice itself should be yours.

Why can't we just give some random topics? Because we know nothing about your competence or fields of interest.

Black Box


I am a final year student and thinking of a project topic to do. Any suggetion?

Track fish... some kind of fish... maybe gather and analyze some kind of stats on something they do...

That's really all that comes to mind.


Measure the volume methane produced by drying cow dung and try to figure out how many more times a cow has to take a dump before a catastrophic climate shift results.

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