Hello friends , i am jimm . I have some doubts regarding Java Basics. If anyone interested in Java basics..please help me out to find out the answers.
What is a java source file ? can you please describe ?

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File.java is a java source file.

Hello Jimm.
A java source file must have .java extension.It should have at least one top level , public class defenition and any number of non_public class defenitions.The file name should match the public class name.
File: publicClass. java
public class publicClass {
class Non_ publicClass {

Ok, Thanks Tom and ithelp. Now i got good idea about java source file. Description also good.
Now please give some good idea about bytecode. Or What is the Bytecode?

Each java program is converted into one or more class files.The content of the class file is a set of instructions called bytecode to be executed by JVM. JVM is an interpreter for bytecode. Java introduces bytecode to create platform independent program.

Thank you Tom. Now please answe for these two questions also.
Why does the main method need a static identifier?
And Will the program compile, if the main method doesnt have static identifier?

http://java.sun.com and look up the tutorials. Everything should become clear to you, or at least clearer than it is now.

Also, read through the info that is in the FAQ stickied at the top of the forum. There is more than enough to get you started.


I think this may be the answer to your question.

no it isn't. This entire thread was created by some idiots trying to increase their postcount by flooding the forums with nonsense.

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