Hi all,

would need your help on unzipping message which is zipped with java.util.zip.
For your information my module was written in c++.
Currently i am trying to unzip with zlib, how ever it failed with "Z_DATA_ERROR" error.

Please advice.. thanks a lot.


Search in sourceforge, else try to use gunzip if you are using unix ,etc.


thanks for reply.

i saw Zipios++ library in sourceforge which enable us to unzip the file zipped by java.util.zip.

But according to info available there, the lib has been aborden for long time already.

Do anyone has better suggestion on unzip the zip file zipped by java.util.zip?


i just recheck the encoding error, i found that on the z_stream object, it show incorrect message header error message.

Really need help on how to unzip java.util.zip file urgently....

hope will receive comment from u all soon.. thanks.

i just found that zlib was just support deflate compression method.

However java.util.zip using standard zip compression method.

Could anyone suggest me what library i should use for this compression method?