Sorry if this is the wrong group to post in - I couldn't think of another suitable one.
I'm applying for a job which talks about 'experience using Java/J2EE', I've used Java but not sure if by putting J2EE that they are expecting anything particular?


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Well, the slash is pretty unclear as it stands, but yes, J2EE specifically refers to a separate platform of server-side service-oriented components:

You would need to inquire about their specific expectations for the job to be more precise. Knowing standard Java does not bring with it any experience at all with J2EE development, but they may be willing to train in someone who has enough Java experience.

Am I correct in believing that J2EE is similar to Java, but with an even larger API ?

J2EE is built on Java. It is an extended architecture of components and services for network-based server-side applications and services. So it is still Java at it's core, but with an extended API for building a certain class of applications.

My sort of understanding is that it's a platform that runs Java code, having a read through some of the stuff posted by Ezzaral ( thanks ) it's the server side of web services ( including EJB's ) and provides additional API's to cope with network and other services.
Just have to see how much they expect and how much they are prepared to let me learn. I have a knowledge of Java, but mostly batch type work in Oracle. See what they come back with.

if you don't know the acronym, assume you don't know the stuff it's meant to describe ;)

if you don't know the acronym, assume you don't know the stuff it's meant to describe ;)

Your right - but it doesn't mean that I can't learn the concepts fairly quickly. Sometimes learning a new technology may sound more daunting than it actually is.
Also you have to take into account that some of the adverts posted by agencies are posted by people who don't understand what they are asking for either.

Just to be clear, the "Java" = J2SE right?

Just to be clear, the "Java" = J2SE right?

Generally speaking, yes.

> Just to be clear, the "Java" = J2SE right?
No, to be precise.

Java is a general purpose programming language. J2SE platform is a particular environment in which the Java programs run. All platforms have a VM(virtual machine) on which the programs run and a specialized API for that given platform.

do you mean Java the language or Java the platform?

Java the language is smaller than the JSE (or Java the platform) which consists of the language + the standard libraries + the runtime environment + optionally the compiler and tools.

JSE is the entire platform, standard edition.
JEE is a set of tools and libraries built on top of that which add "enterprise" capabilities like application servers, distributed transaction handling, etc. etc.

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