Is there a code in assembly that is similar C like sleep(milliseconds)?
Is there also a code in assembly that is similar also to C, clrscr()?

I like to add that to my code that will be passed tomorrow... but i have no idea!!!

Can you advice me where to find a freeEbook on A86 Assembly programming?
I mean website?!!!

Any reply will be appreciated....

A86 beginner

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The books Assembly Language Step-by-step: Programming with DOS and Linux by Jeff Dunteman should have answer to those codes but these code run on DOS platform and Linux platform only.


assembly is an programming like C++ . That mean what ever you done with assembly
, you can done with C or backwards . However , the actual problem is that what
is the operating system and the plactform that you are using .

In windows and linux generally a application program is calling to the operating system API
application programming interface to perform these tasks
generally you have to think like that . I think that you are taliking about the DOS sleep() call
that we can find out in the Turbo C v3.0 is'nt it ?
However if I can call the MessageBox API call under windows using the assembly language you can find the appropriate API in the MSDN and call like that . and you can then call that API call . Any thing that definided in the MSDN as a function that you can call under C++ or C can call under assembly . Just simply push the parameaters into the stack and call the appropriate address

By doing some of the googling I find the method named sleep( long timeToSleep) in the kernel32.dll
then you can call it . just include the library file and simply export the API and push 8-byte long
number of milliseconds that you wants to sleep and then call it . API will done the work for you !

If you are talking about the DOS it really cannot be implemented using an API , in DOS there are not API calls . You have a interrupt shuch as int 21h and you trigger that using a software interrupt .Then DOS or bios function call handles . That's very different .

I recommand you to see a Operating system book and read it and master and really underestand how the application program is talking to the operating system and perform its operations .

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