HI,i have downloaded the Turbo Explorer and i'm trying to learn the Event handling with it.The problem is i dont know the pre-made code for some actions like if i create some text editor as per the tutorial in the help file,how can i add action as per my own like adding option in menu to make uppercase character to lower case.etc.Also if i create text editor how can i handle I/O handling with it.Hope you get me ,Here i'm trying to learn but can't get into writing code for the stuff i drop onto form.

Actually there is very less help in the help file,all other blah things about standard and keyowrds are mentioned.I heard turbo explorer is same as that of borland C++ builder 6 so can anyone help me.

I want to lean to code the application how can i do that?

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if you know delphi then you can add the code to your button and menu.But i dont know hot to do the same for the Turbo C++ explorer.PLease let me know how to write code for the program is there any step by step tutorial that teahces creating window based programs.

actually i can code comfortably c++ prgms using devc++.

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