help. this programme shows linking error!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

#include "diction.h"

int Dictionary::find_word(char *s)
char word[81];
for (int i = 0; i < nwords; ++i)
if (stricmp(words.get_word(word),s) == 0)
return i;

return -1;

void Dictionary::add_def(char *word, char **def)
if (nwords < Maxwords)
while (*def != 0)

int Dictionary::get_def(char *word, char **def)
char meaning[81];
int nw = 0;
int word_idx = find_word(word);
if (word_idx >= 0)
while (words[word_idx].get_meaning(nw,meaning) != 0)
def[nw] = new char[strlen(meaning)+1];
def[nw] = 0;

return nw;

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What's the error? And this looks like just a fragment of the program, as it has no main(). Maybe something else is needed?

yes, a perfectly C program must have a main() function.

yes, a perfectly C program must have a main() function.

Yeah but how do i write the main. I just dont seem to get it???

I am a first year student in c++ but maybe have you tried the create a Header file first with the following

#ifndef diction.h
#define diction.h

your Header file declarations
then add at the end

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