Hi ,
I am trying to find some solution about this i try on different tutorial but with no succes.
I have no idea what the author want to told me.
Here the tutorial


pick day15 go to Linked list ,and if you know other tutorial who write about that please let me know. And if you can answer about this
in the book
Adding an Element to the Beginning of a List

Is new keyword in C or a just a simple instance ?

and what about this?
Set the next pointer of the new element to the current value of the head pointer.

What new element do i need to add one or what i need to do where is a point of all of this.

Thank you for your effort of reading.

>Is new keyword in C
No, it's just a variable.

>and what about this?
The author is telling you the steps for splicing a new node onto the front of a linked list.