hi all,
i need to get the instance id of an application. i dont know how to get the id. anyone is there to fulfill my requirements.
advance thanks

Have no idea what you mean.

i have to check whether an excel application is opened or not using java. for this purpose i am trying to get the instance id's of all the opened windows.by checking the instance id i can find whether the app is open or not. can u help me noe.
advance thanks..

I still don't know what you mean by "instance id". Do you mean "process id". If so, are you attempting to find out the process ids on the client using JSP? If so, forget it again.

k, now i ll tell clearly,
i have to check whether the application open correctly because i am calculating the starting time and ending time of an application. in my project the timer should be started after the application is opened properly. but in my java program the timer was started before the application opens. the timer calculation is written in java script. so now i have to calculate the starting time after the appl opens properly.
and if the application is corrupted or file is corrupted means the timer should not be start.
i hope now u will understand my problem.
pls give me good solution.

Read the last three words of my last post.