Can anybody help me create a crystal report by merging two different tables in just a single report. I usually do it using the wizard of crystal report yet, I don't arrive with the format that I wanted to happen. The report looks like a report from a table plus a subreport from a related table. Thanks....

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i have done thing like.......i create my query from some different table......n put it into dataset......n create an XML file from that dataset........and give that XML file as a data source.......

Hope it will work in ur Problem.....


actually dataset its important think when you create crystal report. dataset will use to load the table as you want, one or more table.
if u use data adapter to generate dataset, you can configure what table which you want to show in query builder. check every table that you want to load in query builder. after configure data adapter you can generate dataset which include every table that u want like you choose in query builder before.

Hope this helps..

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