My turn to ask a question....

Does anyone know how to open a report (.rpt) in Crystal Reports 2008 using vb6? I have just spend a lot of money purchasing this and now it seems that it is not compatible with vb6 at all. It was working fine in earlier versions up to CR XI(11) where the Crystal Report Control was available in the components list. WIth 2008, nothing...

I found another post here from November 2009, but the coding and solution given was for version 11, so no luck there either...

Quite agrivating.:@

Not that this is going to help much but have you checked over at seagate? And, I'm not sure, but I believe clients would now have to have the viewer, and you would have to automate that instead of the old OCX control, but to be sure, you might want to ask around at some of the CR forums.;_ylt=AivjlEnOON7kw03Nza.E5PKbvZx4?p=crystal+report+forum&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701

Then again, it now might be a reference you need to add instead of a control. Have you checked that?

Good Luck

Yip, I have posted at quite a few sites, hoping to get answers soon. All the searching I have done thus far says that the control is only available in .Net... damn

Previously you could get the crystal report viewer as a control. Right click, set connections, open report and all of those nice things. Now, after referencing the control (Crystal ActiveX Report Viewer 12.0), you do not get the option to select it from your components. I then thought cool, maybe available now in code. HA, not so. As soon as I run my app and the viewer is suppose to open the report, I get the error "Compile Error, Type Mismatch". The path is correct, according to my searches up to CR XI(11), this was the way to open your selected report. Have a look at the code below -

Dim CrystRep As New CrystalActiveXReportViewer
'I have tried Set,Private etc not picking up the control???
'Set CrystRep = New CrystalActiveXReportViewer
'Private CrystRep As New CrystalActiveXReportViewer

'This is picking up the control, giving me the oprions available. Below I have chosen Help and Source.
With CrystRep
    .ReportSource = "C:\Report1.rpt" 'This from searching the web
    .EnableHelpButton = True
End With

I will run through the link you have provided and let you know. I am sure this is going to be a topic here very soon...:D

Well, if all else fails, you can either drop back to 11 or learn just enough .BLOAT to read command line arguements to display the report you want. Although, I still wonder if you can redistribute and automate the viewer. Not the control of the viewer, the viewer application itself...

Perhaps after all of this, you will become the goto man/guru on this subject... :)

Good Luck

I think I might have found something, very long way around though and you have to have .NET 2005 upwards, which luckily I have.

I have stumbled upon a site where you can manipulate new .net controls and forms into vb6. You need to download Interop Forms Toolkit, install it and it will automatically form part of .net. You then create the "control" (basically using it and save it as a project) and then open vb6, reference the project and viola, the control properties etc is available to you. The only down here is that, is it really worth my while to go through the effort just for an upgrade on CR 2008. Yes it has very nice reports and charts and stuffffff.

The other nice thing is that you can create .net looking forms and use them in vb6, which I presume someone knew already. Again, for all the effort, no way.

I will still search and bet ya, I will find a way. I am starting today to do some digging into CR 2008 itself and will see what gets spit out from there.

Okay, so where did you find that info? Just in case somebody wants to go that route...