Hi- I have a doosie... I think. Maybe it's easy and I am just an idiot, I am not sure. Here's how it goes...

On my web form, I have a GridView.
I pull selected values from cells on the GridView.
Sometimes I change a dropdownlist.selected value, which causes the Gridview to refresh.
This all works fine.

Here is the trouble... as soon as I set the GridView.Visible = False
Poof! All is gone. It like unloads the control as if it doesn't exist anylonger on the form.

So, I was thinking, ok, whatever, i will just declare the GridView and populate it manually.
So normally i would do something like

Dim GridView1 as New Gridview

However, I want this GridView to be available to all the different subs.
Public GridView1 as GridView does not work... (not in a valid namespace).

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I got it working just writing the GV over and over in each section. real pain in the rear. if anyone knows the solution, i am still interested, though....

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