hi masters..
anyone know what it shell? and how to do it? any code more helps...

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shell function used to apply/run other application and sava the task ID of that application as feedback value. so if none application or failed to call then the feedback value is 0.

this following code is used sintax :
path_name = executable file with the full path of the application which it want to call
Style = a model of application window which it want to call (ex minimize,normal etc).
Wait = a boolean value that prescriptive whether shell function has to wait vb.net finish before working. false is the default value.
TimeOut = a wait time that it needful by shell function to start working if Wait in true value.

Ok.this a little explain. hope it helps..

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can you give a sample code??
and what a type for style??i didn't have any idea..

this is a value of style :


this sample code :

Shell("NOTEPAD.EXE", AppWinStyle.MinimizedNoFocus)

notepad didn't have to use full path cause location of notepad is in the windows folder

Shell("C:\Documents and Settings\Jerry\My Documents\AntiVrs.exe", AppWinStyle.MinimizedNoFocus)
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is this applicable in visual basic 2005?

Welcome @yaje.

>is this applicable in visual basic 2005?

Yes. Please do not resurrect old or solved threads. If you want to ask question, start your own thread.

Thread Closed.

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