hi all,
i want to access an application from the domain server. is there any possible way to do this task. if possible tell some idea with examples.
Advance thanks.

Here we go again.

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hello masijade see my requirements is to share the application in the domain server and to give access rights to all the users to access the application. here the software application should be installed only in the domain server that should not installed in the clients machine. through the server only the client can use the software.
i want the feasible way to do this task . if u have any idea pls share with me yaar.

And I have told you often enough, not with any type of web application. Possibly/probably if you build your own Server and Client and perform the actions preferebly only on a Local Network, then maybe, but not as a Web Application, period, end of story.

i have finished this process in web application u know. now this is not a web application see i am going to create a window login for every user .in that login window there will no softwares. if the user want to use an application they has to access from the domain server.
can u get it?
my query is whether it is possible to do in java or i have to go for other programming language.
as a system administrator u can tell the correct solution for my question?. no hesitations.

Of course it's possible to execute remote applications. Always has been. If its a Unix environment then I would suggest using JSch (for ssh protocol) and execute the application on the server to be used on the client. But considering your talking about Windoof, there are such things as network applications, but they are normally triggered locally, over shared filesystems and the like. But, if you have a true client/server (not web server/browser) there is no reason that the "directions" can't come from the "server", delivered through the client.

Start writing something, and when you have a problem, and a specific question, then come back and ask. I can tell you though, inspect the DeskTop class.