I want to get a new Graphics card for my PC and although I know how to do the physical part of putting suff in I don't actually know how to go about looking for one and how you can judge how good one graphics card is compared to another apart from prices and I would prefer to know a bit about what i'm getting first and how it would perform.

thanks in advance

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firstly, type

AMD/ATI and Nvidia are the ones you want. They produce cards under a number of name like BFG, Sapphire etc...

secondly, memory

256 or 512 mb of memory - no less

thirdly, socket

you need the right one for your pc. You need to find out if you have an AGP or PCI Express socket and you need to find out ifg your power supply has enough juice to run it


fina a card and goodle "(cardname) review"

it wil show you a review where they will play games on it. The higher the 3dmark (benchmarking software) or FPS (frames per second) , the better the realworld performance it has.


Nvidia seems to be coming up alot
how do i find out if i have an agp or PCI express socket?


look in your pc - agp is usually brown. PCi-express is usually black.

Check your motherboard manual to be sure.

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