I am trying to link a class from the book “Core Java” that has worked for years.
The class is called “Format”.
When I try to compile, I get the error message:
cannot resolve symbol
symbol: method atof (java.lang.String)
location: class Format

The code that generates this error is:
fYrDefol[j][iDay] = (float)Format.atof(t.nextToken());

I am writing the routine for a Global Warming research project.
The thing is, in a different project I have a routine that makes the exact same call successfully!
Why does this one file not able to make the proper link to the Format class??
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Maybe you have something else in your code which is throwing up an error.

Make sure you are using corejava.Format and not java.text.Format.

I solved this problem by using the command-line compile, i.e., "javac".
There seems to be something wrong with the JBuilder9 link capabilities.

Alternate Solution: JBuilder 9: Under Run/Configurations/Paths, the default path was not set to the working directory (for some strange reason!). Once I changed that, it worked.

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