How to fix error it sayTskindata not found? plss help me

I'm not familiar with the type 'Tskindata', but I suppose you forgot to include some headers, or forgot to add the required libraries to your project.

yup but where to find winskinc6.lib???

I have no idea, it's not a standard library. What are you trying to do? Which SDK's do you have installed for this?

[edit] I can only find Delphi-references to Tskindata. So are you sure it can be used in C++?

yup but where to find winskinc6.lib???

If this is a C++ Builder 6 Enterprise library, look for it inside the Lib folder of the CB6 installation directory. Also read the documentation for this TSkindata thing.

is this downloadable? doesnt appear in the c++ library..

Try this download page. Figure out the rest yourself.

Try this download page. Figure out the rest yourself.

OK sir wolfpack..I think a little bit editing and im good to go..

I already installed vclskin components.

I need a help file on how to install this on has a help file on it but for delphi..

Im a little bit confused

In the file that can be downloaded from the above link, there is a folder called help file. And in that Help file there are instructions on how to install it in C++ Builder 6.

OK tnx sir progy dont have errors anymore and running..

One more thing sir, how can i change the icon of my application?

OK tnx again sir wolfpack..

Program runs smoothly and it has already program icons.

tnx a lot..

till next project.