how could i make it so when the person using it looks through the item they want and click a button, it will add it and its price to a list but if they dont want it later, they can then go and remove it? also how can i make a button only be clicked so many times and if they remove an item it can be clicked again? ive tryed multiple things but they havnt worked

post the screen print please...

screenprint of what? theres nothing really to take a screenprint of

hello friend i m try to solve your problem

on clock on add button

save the value of your text which is selected

and compare that text with your database and select cross ponding price value

before add you should ask from user with some check box........ use ,,,, not use

if he/she click use
then add to list
remove if

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ok, so when i save the data to a form, do i save it to another form? and how do i get the dataset to have a remove/use checkbox? also your website doesnt work otherwise id look there before i posted this, and by not work, i mean it says im not authorize to view