Hi Guys,

Im more familiar with coding in C# ... can someone please help me to convert the line highlighted below into VB.NET

Much appreciated

private int file_count = 0;
/// Get the file count of a given directory recursively.
public void GetDirectoryFileCount(string dir)
dir = dir + @”\”;
//get all the directories and files inside a directory
String[] all_files=Directory.GetFileSystemEntries(dir);
//loop through all items
[B]foreach(string file in all_files)[/B]
//check to see if the file is a directory if not increment the count
//recursive call
//increment file count

If you declare file in advance it's just

Dim file As string

followed with

For Each file in all_files

At least that's how I normally do it

"For Each liListItem In ddlAssigned.Items" is how I've done it

That's your codes or get from internet?

Private file_count As Integer = 0
Public Sub GetDirectoryFileCount(ByVal dir As String)
  dir = dir & ”\”
  Dim all_files() As String=Directory.GetFileSystemEntries(dir)
  For Each file As String In all_files
    If Directory.Exists(file) Then
      file_count += 1
    End If
  Next file
End Sub