I have around 10 check box, i want a report which displays checked checkbox.

If i select 5 out of 10 check box it should display 5 columns data in a single report.

please provide logic for this.


instead of creating 10 check boxes create an control array and in a loop check the value of all and then finally frame the sql command dynamically. and pass the sql to report.

thats a Good idea but how about d looping hehehe just kidding
ahm can i ask what is the syntax of array in VB6 and what is also the syntax of VB6
i know in the C++ it's
for (a=0;a<100;a++); right

dim i as integer
for i=0 to 9
'put code here

"dim i as integer
for i=0 to 9
'put code here

it not a qbasic its vb6 the code must be....
for (i=0;i<=10;i++)
{ur codes here