struct CircleStruct 
       int x ;
       int y ;
       int width ;
       int hight ;
struct CircleStruct CreateCordinate = {40,0,80,40}; //this is the global declaration maybe
 void Draw();
 void newfunction();

And can i do this ? Why?

void newfunction()

CreateCordinate = {40 ,40 ,40 ,40};


And i want cordinates from newfunction() .

void Draw()
Ellipse( gHDC ,CreateCordinate.x ,CreateCordinate.y ,CreateCordinate.width ,CreateCordinate.hight)

Thank you for reading.

I did not want to put my code with 500 lines.
I assume that no one will read.
My mistake i got it , forget to declare something.

Please remove this thread because has no point.
Just wasting WEB space.

random annoying note its a representation of an ellipse not a circle.

I know that has no relevance at all, circle just has x, y and r