I am doing Face reconition project in vb.net ... so my first module is uploading images and need to store in sql, that images i should retrive in vb.net. so, pl tel me the procedure and coding in vb.net2005

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the easiest way is save the full path on sqlserver. if you want to show the image you can call the path which it stored and show it. but if you use this way, you must have a folder for the image and don't moved the image from the folder cause you will get error when you call the path of image from sqlserver but the current image doesn't present.
You can see the thread link posted by ProfessorPC to know how to get the image from file or click here...

Thank you very much to ProfessorPC and Jx_Man. It has worked.

you're welcome..
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you can easily do this

you have to take care about only SQL

in SQL where you want to store image the type of that is bit type

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