hi friends,
I am pradeep , i have a PC having configuration as: P-3, 1.2 GHz,256 MB RAM .
when i am installing tomcat 5 ,it is starting properly but when I run any JSP page from the browser the message comes as "Server not found" . I have set environment variables JAVA -HOME and CLASSPATH .java version is JDK 1.5.
Can you please help what should i do to run tomcat properly on my PC?

Well the first step is to identify that indeed Apache Tomcat is up and running. If you go to localhost:8080 it should display a Tomcat page. If that doesn't work then the Tomcat service is not running. It can usually be started using the /bin/startup.bat or /bin/startup.sh file. What OS are you running?

Tomcat will by default assume that the Java bin folder is specified via the JAVA_HOME environment variable. This can be set depending on your OS.

If I'm not mistaken Tomcat requires JavaEE (Enterprize Edition) which makes sense but I can't confirm that.

Perhaps try out the Web Development> JSP forum?

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Tomcat is also very finicky about shutting down and starting up. When something is not working the first thing I try is to shut it down then start it back up. It seems to refresh a lot of things, particularly if you recompile a java program. The last poster is correct. Check to make sure you get something when you type in:


into your browser. That's assuming Tomcat is using port 8080, which is default. Make sure you type that into a browser rather than double click in Firefox or IE. You want the word "http" on the left, not "file".

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One would have to restart Tomcat whenever a Java file (usually a servlet) is recompiled. This is because Tomcat uses a cache. Changes to JSP files do not require a restart. I recommend that you use Eclipse to manage your Web Project as it will automatically restart Tomcat whenever it is necessary. Tomcat must not already be running if you plan to do this.
Please be aware that Tomcat will not load your Web Project if the web.xml file is invalid.

There are some guide lines that I found interesting
http://mpcon.org (ignore the part related to to Apache2 and PHP and just check the steps for Java and Tomcat instalation)
for Tomcat 6 this is good resource http://www.coreservlets.com

If you still not get Tomcat running please post the errors or detailed description of the problem.

also ensure your firewall is set to allow connections on port 8080

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