So am using Perl, and I need the user to upload an image (multiple formats) and then have been playing around with Image::Magick.

I have to tell you that I am not that impressed with it. I've been toying around, and the resizing feature sometimes gives me a funky image. Not the best quality. I even have another post on this here, but this is a separate thread, really. Sure for making thumbnails, no biggie. But to scale am image to a smaller size, while keeping some decent quality, not sure this is the right module for me.

If anyone has any recommendations for other modules, please, I am so all ears.

Thanks you ahead of time,


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Image::Magick is sort of a beast all it's own seperate from general perl issues. I recommend you post your concerns on the Image Magick forum:


Hopefully someone there will be able to help you out. Or wait and see if you get some replies here. I never use it so can't help.


Thanks, I slowly worked out the headaches, and did mark this thread solved (althoguh I forgot to mark the other one).

But yes, a beast it is....

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