i have a problem in accessing an application from the domain server.
can any one is there to clear my problem./

Advance thanks

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is this a java question? I dont think it is, more of pc support?

why cant we can do it in java we can use sockets to do this. but i cant get the clear idea to do this so only i am expecting help from u acidburn.

hey, ahat happened to all send the solution yaar.

commented: Most of your posts are unintelligible and you keep asking the same things over and over. -1

? Wtf ?

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Hi. Are you running Sun Application Object Server or not? When you deploy your solution on the server you have to create a reference to the Jar file that connects your application to the ejb module. You may check Sun's pages off how to to so. You can also find lots of examples at www.java2s.com. A great tool for developing solution is Netbeans. I do use it all the time. Version 6.0 is the final an have lots of pre configurations for connecting to Sun App server.

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