ok, im clueless.. i need to create a storebot (for buying and selling items) on a game i play called Eternal-Lands.. i dont have a clue where to start.. any help will be much appreciated

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Let's see, from the position of "clueless"
- 3 months to learn how to program,
- 1 month to learn the syntax of C, and some familiarity of the standard C library,
- 6 months practice solving problems (initially trivial, but building in complexity).

So after about a year, you'll be ready to tackle the prospect of developing a fairly major component and integrating it into the source of a working program.

In terms of driving a car say, this means you're free to think about where you're going and how to get there rather than continually looking down to see which gear you're in.

What's that, too long?
You didn't think you could just download experience "matrix style" and be a good enough programmer right off the bat.


>You didn't think you could just download experience "matrix style"
With all of these books claiming you can learn programming in 24 hours and 10 minutes, or that even dummies and idiots can program, it's reasonable to believe that programming isn't hard when you have no real experience doing it.


integrating it into the source of a working program.

I wish to know the difference between integrating/injecting my code into a program on my computer and one on a server. How can I make a C++/Tcl bot for a browser text-based game? Is there another way to inject/integrate code to an offline application without using a debugger? Many thanks in advance!

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Irrelivant to you too, you necrophiliac.

Maybe because I waited two years and still got no answer. Maybe if you can redirect me at the right thread I wont wonder around anymore.

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