does anyone here knows how to limit the text box in inputting many characters? input a single character in it....

i don't understand...
you want to limit the length of characters or limit the inputing character like didn't allowed numeric input (string only) or string input (numeric only) or some character can allowed..
specify more...

text box must not input a number only a letter, but must input only 1 character or letter in it...

for example 1 letter per txt the idea?

look for length properties of text box, you can change the length of character. so user just input character through the length of text box properties.

got it...didn't know that...thanks soooo much..=)

hey..another thing, do you know how to randomize a frame, the whole frame including the textbox and labels in it...i tried a code but didn't work.

randomize frame like what?i didn't understand the point?
specify more friend..

i used frame to randomize questions, and in a frame, there's a label and textbox in it...

i'd like to copy the frames and assign it as it?

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