hi all, i newbie in this forum and vb.net too. i hope i can learning much from this forum.
i want to play flash on my form. does anyone know how to do this??
best regards...

use shockwaveflash in your component to play flash file..

hi RamyMahrous, thx for the reply but that site for c #. i need for vb.net. :)
hi jx_man would you give me example/guide for me like what you write in your post? i have been visited
site which Ramy said and i saw a same way but not understand clearly. :)
please helps...

actually in this forum contain many thread about that, try to search before post here.
see this thread :
the site from ramy has a same logic with vb.net just to convert in vb.net language.
Ok. ;)
All for the best.

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if your question already finish please mark this thread solved.

thx for the help all. i will post some again.

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