Guys i have a design where in i have 6 classes called


and then i have a
6)Manager class.

HttpServer gets the request xml as a string in request body. ParserClass parses the string xml and stores value in variables. inputInterface inserts the values in inputTable, Cartonization Class does some processing with these values. OutputInterface inserts processed values in OutputTables then we re-create an ouputxml and send it back as response.
The various functionality is controlled by Manager. Manager takes i/p string from server, passes it to parser, parser returns some values,manager gives it to i/p interface etc. Now my question is that to all this Manager needs to have objects of all these classes. none of these functions are static. Should i make all these classes as class member variables of the manager class or should i create the objects as and when required and use them? what will be a better design?


Add to the question above. Now what i want to implement is that i want to decouple the server from the rest of the logic. i.e. once the server gets the request, it just waits for anyone to query it for the request string. as of now the server calls the manager n passes the string and everything is in one big .exe. Now how do i implement this? no i'm not asking for the code, just a design, like can i keep the rest of the code in a separate dll and keep polling the server for this string or something like that?

Try to use MVC pattern.