Ram here

hi ,i want to make a exe on vb6,which can handle gpedit.msc setting, which i keep default. one single click it should change to setting which i keep default.

Option which i would keep is ..

local network connection restricted for user

MMC disable

display properties disable

Regedit disable

Add remove disable

can it possible to make such exe on vb6 which will do on single button click ..

please dnt advice me to change directly by run>>gpedit.msc >>and to the further setting ,which i already nw...

if possible tell me how to script on vb6...


I think the group policy editor is similar to the services for the reason that you can change these things from the registry. That would be one way of scripting it (by using .reg files and calling them from the vb6 code).

I would recommend backing up your registry before you start with this though.