On the attached, there are no bugs what so ever. My program simply allows the user to select a data file that contains historical stock / currency prices and displays it. The data files are included with the project.

The only performance issue I found is that when ever the user moves the mouse its very slow to update the graphics. I know for a fact that this is because that the way I programmed it is that it repaints everything for each and every time the mouse move event is fired.

I'm thinking that if theres someway the program can preload the graphics from a bitmap and update the cursor only and not the entire graphics contents. I know that this is the desired solution but I'm having trouble implementing it.

I would like to ask for help with this. The code and everything is attached.

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ok why you don't try to create a native image of your executable on your machine using the

ngen.exe tool delivered with the .Netframework

It can help

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