i have indy 10 installed on Delphi 7 personal, and am trying to load a simple text file on server using ftp

here's my code

if ftp.Connected then ftp_Kitten.Disconnect;
ftp.Port := 21;
ftp.Put('c:\ida.txt', 'ida.txt', true);

and when i run my app, i am getting the following error :

Project1.exe raised exception class EIdRepluRFCError with message "APPE':command unrecognized'.Process stopped. Use step or run to continue

I am beginner in Delphi and after hours of researching the web, i truely don't know how to solve this issue.

Thanks for your help

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I know nothing about APPE. Everything I found online refers to weaves and knits... ???

In any case, it appears to be a server error. Check that the server you are connecting to actually supports APPE. (I know Medusa doesn't.)

If you actually know what half this means, you know more than I.

Actually you were right, i used a different host and it worked)

Thanks for helping me out.

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