I have been given a project to do for college and have the option of doing it in either C++ or Java; both languages Im relatively new to.

The scope of the project is fairly open ended, some are planning to do games but Im personally just going to do a companys computer system I think, no interest in games.

I plan to do it in C++ however we have only been taught to the level of creating initial classes i.e. the Stack/Queue program which Im happy with. However the output of the program is in dos format (black and white) no fancy layouts and I was wondering how easy it is to code with forms or produce a better interface with C++? Bearing in mind im still getting to grasps with C++.

On the other hand with Java we have been shown a kind of form editor which to me is as easy as Visual Basic to implement with a lot of the code been generated automatically however I really do prefer C++.

Thanks for any reply.

GUI programming is a pain, although it's not that difficult, it's just a matter of learning the API and writing interface code can be tedious work. If you're really serious about doing UI work for your programs, I highly recommend the .NET framework. Using Visual Studio, you can create drag+drop interfaces with very little effort. Although it's possible to use .NET with C++, it requires using a clunky CLI interface, and instead, I recommend using C#. The syntax isn't really much different, the language is a bit cleaner, and program writing will be a lot easier. Also, C# is very similar to Java, so if you want to switch back and forth between them, the change is very easy.