hi all,
i want to open a file from the server system using java pls anyone can help me pls i dont have any knowledge about this pls tell some idea.

u'r question is not clear
i think u can do it by File class of java.

hi DangerDev,
thanks for ur kind response.
my need is i want to open an application file like excel,word,indesign from the server system.i want to do in java. i searched a lot from a web but i dont get any idea. pls if u aware of this na pls help me . i need some ideas.
advance thanks

From u'r problem it seems that u need to call some os api, which cant be done directly through Java, since java does not touch OS.
For calling any OS api u need to call native library call, u can get info about this from net.
Take help of Google.