Hi there!

I've a problem...want to return the total number of rows affected by the statement "SELECT * FROM Producao WHERE ProdUserID=UtilizadorID" can anybody give a look to the code below?

Dim ProdUserID As String = "samurai"
        Dim ProducaoSource As New SqlDataSource()
        ProducaoSource.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("seaempiresdbConnectionString1").ToString()
        ProducaoSource.SelectCommandType = SqlDataSourceCommandType.Text
        ProducaoSource.SelectCommand = "SELECT * FROM Producao WHERE ProdUserID=UtilizadorID"
        Dim TotalLinhas As Integer = 0
            TotalLinhas = ProducaoSource.Select()
        End Try

The only thing I want is that the var TotalLinhas remains with the number of records...in this case 7 (seven).



SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Producao WHERE ProdUserID=UtilizadorID.

This will give the number of rows that meet this criteria.

poguemahone already give the answer to get total records. but if it still redundant use DISTINCT to omitted redundant records.

Thanks people for your support!

you're Welcome :)
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