its not possible for me to create a object in window for example
Window obj=new Window(Window owner);
Window obj= new Window();
can u please tell me it is possible to create a windowobject or not directly without using frames

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try using JWindow instead of Window.

i know to create by using J window can u please tell me weather it is possible or not using Window class if possible give the code

A Window object is a top-level window with no borders and no menubar. The default layout for a window is BorderLayout.

A window must have either a frame, dialog, or another window defined as its owner when it's constructed. In a multi-screen environment, you can create a Window on a different screen device by constructing the Window with Window(Window, GraphicsConfiguration). The GraphicsConfiguration object is one of the GraphicsConfiguration objects of the target screen device.

For further information ... see the java.awt.Window APIs.

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