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Gday all
Just wondering what is the best Java editor(developer tool) to use.
At the moment I am using emacs, but i am getting sick of after every new emacs page i open a command prompt window comes up aswell. Also the shortcut keys in emacs are a tad wierd.

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Weeell the best ones ive used so far are:

Eclipse - "Eclipse is an open platform for tool integration built by an open community of tool providers. Operating under a open source paradigm, with a common public license that provides royalty free source code and world wide redistribution rights, the eclipse platform provides tool developers with ultimate flexibility and control over their software technology."

JBuilder - "Speed development of Java™ applications, learn Java programming, and develop and redistribute your own tools with Borland® JBuilder® 2005 Foundation, the leading cross-platform Java IDE."

They are both pretty similar, can be a bit of an arse to set up but once they are they well worth it. They alert you to errors which will occur before you compile it -ive gone back to using JEdit in the labs cause they don't have either of the above and i found it so frustrating having to write code then compile it every so often to find small syntax errors. Get one of these and im sure you will never look back.

If your not into advanced programs then you can always go old skool and use notepad ;) Hope that helps.

Eclipse and JBuilder are the best in the business. IDEA is supposedly also excellent, I've never used it so I can't tell.

I never liked Netbeans/Forte. Poor project management, poor performance and a memory hog (this goes for every version I've used which means every major release).

Shall we get into a VI versus Emacs battle? :)

Personally I don't give a gnat's ass about GUI builders, wizards, etc. etc.
When learning the language you should never use them and when you do know the lanuguage you'll typically find you can work faster by typing in the code than by modifying generated code.

Hi eveyone,

i am using JavaIDE for windows version 1.7 . It's a no frills java editor and it actually to my experience seem to be the best but sadly its not being updated anymore.

Yours Sincerely

Richard West

I mostly use JBuilder 2005 for speedy application development

hi every body
am a new daniweb member
and just wanted to say that am still new to java

but i use code warrior
i tried to download it , but it gave me a new version which am not used to
so i tried JBuilder and JCreater , but they both didnt help me because i could't run or debug a program

and also because in code warrior u have the html and java files opened at the same time, but in Jbuilder its diffrent

JBuilder comes with a very good debugger.
It can also open multiple files at once.

I do hope you have a legal version of Codewarrior, JBuilder and JCreator? If so they'll come with manuals which I suggest strongly you read.
If not you're a common criminal.

I actually downloaded a demo version from net
and i use codeWarrior at school, so its sure legal !

it should be and if not (you'd be surprised at the volume of pirated software in schools and companies) it's not your problem :)

Why not use ViM?

I personally like it, and I'm not trying to start a holy war here. It's got syntax highlighting, you can split frames in the window, and it's got Macros and stuff you can record. It works great for me, what little programming I do. I do, however, edit LOADS of scripts in it.

I too like VI but for large projects it's slow.

Being able to jump from one source to another saves tons of time, as do things like code completion (type the first few characters and a list of available methods and members starting with that is presented).

Also, having realtime syntax checking in Eclipse has almost done away with compiler errors for me.

All of those of course should only be used once you know the language. To LEARN Java something like VI is best.
To use it professionally use whatever is available, having a strong IDE like Eclipse will increase your productivity a lot.

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I just bought the Java 2 for dummies book to help with my Java course, it came with an IDE called JCreator - its great i highly recommend it if your a beginner, not too simple, not too complex. I have tried Eclipse and NetBeans but they were too complicated to set up i found.

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