hi, i have a project here that can insert the picture in the database by binary. but the problem is to search it using the "find" this is the codes that i upload in the net...

Dim sourceFile As Integer
sourceFile = FreeFile
Open fileName For Binary Access Read As sourceFile
fileSize = LOF(sourceFile)

If fileSize = 0 Then
Close sourceFile
MsgBox "Employee's Photo is invalid"
Exit Sub


Dim pictBlocks As Integer
pictBlocks = fileSize / BLOCK_SIZE

Dim leftOverData As Long
leftOverData = fileSize Mod BLOCK_SIZE

Dim pictData() As Byte
ReDim pictData(leftOverData)

Get sourceFile, , pictData()


rsemployee("Photo").AppendChunk pictData()

ReDim pictData(BLOCK_SIZE)

Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To pictBlocks
Get sourceFile, , pictData()
rsemployee("Photo").AppendChunk pictData()
Next i

rsemployee.Fields("EmployeeID") = txt1.Text
rsemployee.Fields("EmployeeName") = txt2.Text
rsemployee.Fields("EmployeePosition") = txt3.Text
rsemployee.Fields("Address") = txt4.Text
rsemployee.Fields("Age") = txt5.Text
rsemployee.Fields("Gender") = txt6.Text
rsemployee.Fields("PhoneNo") = txt7.Text

Close sourceFile
End If

plzzzzzzzzz help me ......................

What is the problem with the code ?

Is that throwing any error ?

i dont have any idea in displaying it in the image in different user.

like in the text in the database...
rs!empID = text1.text

thxxxxxxx for replying..