I am using Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0 Express Edition.
In File > New > Project, you can select Win32 group and then the Win32 Application.
I think, when you use this in your project then the compiled program should run on Windows without .NET Framework too.
How is it? Can you set-up project options to make your application run on other Windows without .NET Framework too?
Because I tried to make some simple project (just File > New > Project > Win32 > Win32 Application), I compiled it tried on another Windows with the base .NET Framework, but the application wasn't runned. Error message that contained something like this "configuration is incorrect".

Any solutions?

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what do you think "platform SDK", normally, when I create something in Dev-C++, it runs on the older versions of Windows too, so when I write the same code in Visual C++, why this doesn't work???


i know that to make win32 programs compile on c++ express 2005, you needed the paltform sdk as to cut down size, it only did .NET by default

this may have changed for the 2008 version though


VC++ Express 2008 includes the SDK when installed, unlike the 2005 version.

Are you trying to create a Windows app, or a console (DOS box) app?

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