Hello everyone.
This is my first post here and most definitely not my last as I will be requiring your expert knowledge on lots of topics no doubt.

I have a series of questions regarding VB and a project I have be set to work on.
The first part of this task requires me to create a script that can be run on a windows xp machine that:
1. Creates ODBC entries in the Data Sources (ODBC) list, with customised configurations for SQL connection etc.
2. Initiate multiple Folder Copy tasks from a server location to the local drive.
3. Set up network printers and mount network drives.

So basically it's a New System Configuration Script, so that I can un-box a new machine, plug it in and run this application/script and it sets everything up as needed.

The main thing I want to know is....
Is this possible using VB? If so or if not, how would I go about doing so?

Obviously I understand it is just going to be a case of teaching myself VB which I am happy doing but I don't want to throw myself into it to later find that it will not do what I want it to, as I am on a little bit of a deadline with this project unfortunately.

I hope you can help me in some way, and I will look forward to any answers or suggestions you have.
Thank you in advance, everything is greatly appreciated. Fantastic site!


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