Program name:   MonthlySales.java
Author: Dominick Saccoccio
Date:       2-19-08
Description: The program provides an end-of-the-year sales analysis for a company.
The revenue contains total sales for each month, where revenue
={ 16692, 2504, 2463, 1857, 2369, 2684, 3374, 2630, 2531, 1928, 2692, 2578}
presents the sales of January to December.

public class MonthlySales

private  final  int  JANUARY = 1;
private  final  int  DECEMBER = 12;
private  int [ ] REVENUE = { 0, 16692, 2504, 2463, 1857, 2369,3684, 2374, 2630, 2531, 1928, 2692, 2578 };

public int total ( )  sum= sum + i;

public int average ( )

public int hightestMonth ( )

public int monthsRevenue (int month)

public void printTable ( )

}     // end of MonthlySales class

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Need help sorting the array to get the highest number. Also need help to find the totatl and the average of the array.


Read the API docs.

Edit: Also read the API doc for Calendar, as the months, and Days of the week already have assigned int values.


Need help sorting the array to get the highest number.

You do not need to sort to get the highest element. Sorting is expensive. Getting the highest element is easy. Just go through and keep track of the highest one seen so far.


Also need help to find the total and the average of the array.

loop through the array and get sum after that get average.

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